VertFreak "Become A Freak"

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to get your head above the rim?


So did Adam Linkenauger...

but then he found a way...



NOW he is sharing his secrets with you!


Introducing the VertFreak101

"Become a Freak"

Vertical Jump Training System!

How did Adam Linkenauger go from one of the WORST athletes in his school to winning a National Powerade Dunk Contest ?

How did he go from not being able to touch the backboard, to hitting his forehead on the rim?

How did he go from a mile runner on his high school track team, to a 3x All American, and 7x Atlantic Coast Conference high jump champion?


The VertFreak101 "Become a Freak" System

is the secret to Adam Linkenauger’s success, and he is now letting YOU in on it!



"This software is ahead of any other program on the market, PERIOD."


"The best Vertical Jump Training Program ever assembled"


"The most advanced system ever made, but my 13 year old can use the software, it's so easy"


over 350 pages of written literature, and over 180 videos:


all in a simple and easy navigational system.  This system without a doubt will have all the workouts and answers for you to realistically increase your vertical in a safe, and extremely effective way.   


So the big question is always......


How much will I gain?


The Sky is honestly the limit, the VertFreak system adapts to you and will intensify as you become more athletic, and stronger! 


So you can use it time and time again, and lift different weights, and have different sets every single 12 week cycle you do!


Bringing in the knowledge of World Class and Olympic athletes, and coaches, VertFreak combines the knowledge from the best of the best in Vertical training. 





 Pretty HUH?!  Yeah, and by the way, those aren't crystal clear pics above in the screen caps.  Those are crystal clear VIDEOS!  You get 180 of them!



In the Vert Freak System you will learn and receive:

  1. 12 Week Become a Freak Program Designed for all types of Athletes whether novice to advanced.
  2. 12 Week Weight Training Regiment designed for vertical and Speed Training
  3. Mentality and Confidence Training 
  4. The  Proper Warm Up
  5.  Jumping Technique- The end to thinking you are a 1 foot or two foot jumper 
  6. Running Technique 
  7. Prehab/Rehab Guidlines
  8.  Weightlifting101
  9. Abs101
  10.  Bodyweight Lifting Program
  11.  In Season Strength Maintaining System
  12.  Nutrition101
  13.  Supplements101
  14.  The Ankles and Hands, and How to Strengthen Them
  15.  Three important Areas of the body  that no program targets (Increasing these will guarantee vertical success)
  16.  10 Facts to Vertical Jumping improvement
  17.  10 Facts to Becoming Explosive
  18.  10 Facts to why Vertfreak101 Works
  19.  10 Facts to why your vertical system of the past failed
  20.  3 Purchases worth the money in Vertical Training
  21.  Full Exercise Description and Glossary, including pictures and video links
  22.  Genetics- Getting the best out of what you were given
  23.  Also you will receive Community Access
  24.  Full support through
  25.  Your own Vertical Training Log
  26.  Access to Vertfreak101’s “Become A Freak Club” and Forum
  27.  Instant Messaging  with coaches and friends on
  28.  Member’s Newsletter


With over 300 variations of 12 week cycles, the program adapts to your improvements and has another 12 cycle ready for you as soon as you are done with your first.  You have an endless array of Vertical and Speed Training Workouts!

Every exercise in the book comes with a video demonstration, and a written description! 


No other program on the market offers this!  This was created for visual learners, and for athletes to make sure they perfect form and technique.


Aside from weight training, VertFreak offers a medicine ball training insert for the weight room section of your workouts if you are unable or do not wish to use weights! 


WE have also included a Body weight lifting program in this package as well if you don't want to deal with a medball or weights! 





If you aren't willing to work harder than you ever have to accomplish your goals, this is not the system for you. 


If you think these inches are GUARANTEED to appear,




this system is NOT for you!  


This is the most intense and detailed program ever created!


The VertFreak System is only made for SERIOUS athletes.  So do not go further with this purchase, unless you have the mindset to go after your vertical leap goal 100%, and NOT take NO for an answer!






Ofcourse we have bonuses!

We have added some excited bonus material to make sure you feel you are getting MORE than your money's worth!


The VertFreak System is already a steal, but ofcourse we have to sweeten the pot!

 With the VertFreak System you will also receive: 

Adam Linkenauger's personal Email address and Skype account! He is on atleast 2 hours everyday just to speak with YOU!  Whether it be to answer a question or to talk about your day!

 You will receive a Recruitment section, with a template letter to send to coaches to get you RECRUITED!!  This is the same template Adam Linkenauger used to get recruited by over 100 Division-1 colleges!

You will receive a copy of the monthly member newsletter which will be full of information such as training techniques, workouts, programs, and VertFreak101 Updates!


A Special Report of the exercise Adam Linkenauger has personally used to develop the strongest abs ever! This report will give you the inside secrets to build your athletic base to an unmatched level!




The VertFreak system is already being used by professional athletes, dunkers, colleges, and high schools all over the WORLD!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity, you need to be jumping higher than your peers as soon as you can!



So yeah, the System does look AMAZING, but for some odd reason of you are still not convinced...... here ya go:

You have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose.... but INCHES to gain! 


Don't miss out on this opportunity!


The Freak Athletics Guarantee! 


"At Freak Athletics llc, we strive to make successful athletes, and in doing so, we feel that this is our service to you.  With our service if you aren't happy, then we do not wish to be paid.  At Freak Athletics llc, we give you a NO QUESTIONS asked 60 day Guarantee, even though we don't have unsatisfied customers, ever! 

Notice:  We don't give an inches guarantee, saying if you dont hit this many inches we give your money back, programs that say this are scam sites.  Don't fall for unrealistic results, and poor return policies!  Go for a satisfaction guarantee!  If you aren't happy with our system, simply return it, get your money back, and go buy someone elses who make these crazy promises!"



 So if you are ready to have your chance to hit your head on the rim, and throw down monsterous dunks!


 Get The VertFreak System and

 Become A Freak Today!




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